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Rep. Goshua wants referral hospital in his district

Grand Bassa County District #5 Rep. Thomas Goshua is seeking the indulgence of the House of Representatives to commission a referral health center in his district to serve the district and its surroundings.

He makes the call in the wake of LIBINC Oil Palm concession clinic’s alleged incapability to serve that area. Rep. Goshua says the growing health threat under which his people have lived for years in District #5, Grand Bassa County and as well the danger it poses to other districts in the county are on a larger scale.

According to him, District #5 is a very large district in land space and has over 35,000 inhabitants, but has only three health facilities with two being dysfunctional. He said the functional clinic within the district is owned by the LIBINC Oil Palm concession and it caters mostly to people that are within its employ, thus leaving the rest of the citizenry vulnerable to diseases that have the potential to claim lives.

Mr. Goshual explains that LIBINC Clinic does not have the capacity to fully meet the health needs of its employees and would also not meet the needs of others. For his constituents to access healthcare, he complains that they have to travel miles to Buchanan City and many have lost their lives in the instance.

Meanwhile the House of Representatives has sent the communication to the Committees on Health and Ways, Means and Finance to report within two weeks.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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