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Rep. Grant threatens to close logging company

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Grand Gedeh County Electoral District Three Representative, Alex Chersia Grant has threatened to halt operations of the Liberia Hardwood Company and ensure it leaves the County. “Liberia Hardwood Company must leave because of several violations against the rights of our people and its refusal to respect Liberian laws”, he said.

Addressing local journalists in Toe City, Grand Gedeh County recently, Representative Grant attributed his ensuing action to the company’salleged continuous refusal to uphold social agreement between it and locals. He names bad labour practice, refusal to rehabilitate major roads and pay land rental, among others as reasons why the company should leave.

“Despite several meetings with the Management [during which time we advised the managers to do the right thing by following clauses in the social agreement], Liberia Hardwood Company chose to remain adamant to uphold the social agreement,” Representative Grant averred.

He promised to work with members of the County’s Legislative caucus and other relevant government institutions to ensure the closure of the company. All efforts to contact the management of Liberia Hardwood Company to respond to the Representative Grant’s claims did not materialize, as its managers’ phones rang endlessly without any response.

The LHC is a logging company that operates in Gbarzon Statutory District, Grand Gedeh County. It has a concession agreement with the Government of Liberia and has been operating for over five years. 

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