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Rep. Karfiahjoins Sen. Yallah’s re-election campaign

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Bong County Electoral District #5 Representative Edward W. Karfiah says incumbent Senator Henry Willie Yallah deserves re-election because he understands contemporary legislative proceedings.

Speaking to a team of journalists over the weekend after a day-long visitation, Representative Karfiah said since his election in 2011, Senator Yallah has been very influential in the Senate, expressing fear that changing Yallah will take the county very long time to regain its position at the Senate.

According to Representative Karfiah, it takes some lawmakers about six years to comprehend their three principal responsibilities ranging from lawmaking, oversight and representation.

But he says Senator Yallah took just a year to gain the admiration of his colleagues, maintaining that it will be a legislative impediment for Bong County if Yallah is not given second term.

“Some of the lawmakers can take exact one tenure, sometimes if they are not even smart it takes two terms for them to understand happenings of the Legislature. But Bong County people are blessed to have Hon. Yallah who has been able to understand those things very fast and is now working hard to better improve the County,” Representative Karfiah says.

The District #5 Representative continues that Bong County needs someone at the upper house of the Legislature who will keep advocating for the interest of the people, adding that Senator Yallah is of no exception in the pursuit for adequate representation.

According to him, Senator Yallah has impressed every sector of the county and has also been able to fairly dole out the county’s wealth, evidenced by his developing marks that are being left across Bong.

Representative Karfiah says only those who do not want the goodwill of Senator Yallah to continue will vote against him, stressing that he believes in the confidence of the Bong County people.

He believes that Yallah will disproportionately be voted in the December 8, 2020 election.

“All I want to tell those contesting against Hon. Yallah is they should not waste their money, let them keep it for another elections because this election is a sure win for us. Yallah will beat anyone who faces him in this election,” he concludes.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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