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Rep. Kogar urges Liberians to be good taxpayers

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Nimba County District #5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar has called on Liberians to exhibit their patriotism and nationalism by paying taxes to support national growth and development.

Speaking at the weekend when he was certificated by the Civil Society Network of Liberia and the Corruption Watch Newspaper as the Most Outstanding Representative of the Year 2020, Kogar emphasized the importance of regular and timely payment of taxes, without which no nation can progress.

He boasted about having a compelling-taxpaying spirit which has made him a proud contributor to national development through payment of his taxes for all that God has blessed him with.

Rep. Kogar charged Liberians to strengthen their moral standings and authority to hold government accountable for the provision of basic social services and infrastructural development by regularly paying their taxes.

“Responsible citizens support their countries’ development by paying their required taxes and holding their government’s feet to the fire on issues that affect their growth and well-being at all times”, Kogar emphasized.

He then commended the two institutions for the honor bestowed upon him and vowed to continuously carried out his legislative functions and strive to live up to the desires and wishes of his constituents and Liberians in general.

Earlier, the heads of the two institutions, SenseeKiadii of the Civil Society Network of Liberia and Roland Worwee of the Corruption Watch Newspaper hailed Kogar for his fearless and consistent exercise of legislative oversight, representation and lawmaking, as well as his robust but respectful floor-fighting spirit which has distinguished him among equals since he arrived at Capitol Hill nine years ago.

Representative Kogar is Chairman of the House Committee on Commerce & Industry. He is also the National Chairman of the People’s Unification Party, which is now widely known as the fastest growing political party in Liberia.

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