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Rep. Kogar wants 3 ministers summoned

-for questioning

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Nimba County district #5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar writes the House of Representatives here to invite the Ministers of Public Works, Finance and Development Planning, and Justice, respectively to provide update on the ETON and EBOMAF loan agreements.

The two financing agreements, intended for road construction, were consummated two years ago by the Weah administration. Representative Kogar says he has observed with keen interest the perpetual silence and delay in the implementation of the ETON and EBOMAF financing loan agreements which were passed by the Legislature in June 2018.

During the 34th day sitting on June 7, 2018, the House ratified the ETON loan agreement in the tone of Five Hundred Thirty-Six point Four million United States dollars (US$536.4m).

The Nimba lawmaker notes that since those instruments were ratified by the Legislature, it is exactly two years now and nothing has been said nor heard, as to whether they are implementable or not.

“Hence, in the event where it is established that the loans are no longer realizable, then I hasten to plead with this body for the revocation of those agreements for the sake of record”, the lawmaker states in his communication dated June 10, 2020 to Speaker Bhofal Chambers.

He says his concern is in line with the fact that construction period of the coastal corridor road project as per the ratified agreements would be within 48 months from the day of commencement.

Kogar adds that in his mind, members of the legislature unanimously approved those agreements because they felt at the time that ratifying the instruments was timely from all indications and that both agreements were in the best interest of the Liberian people in terms of actualizing the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity, specifically social infrastructure development, taking into account that it would directly affect the coastal corridor roads from Buchanan-Cestos cities, Greenville –Barclayville –Sasstown-Barclayville-Pleebo, Medina- Robertsport and Tubmanburg –Bopolu roads, respectively.

He stresses the need for lawmakers to get abreast with unfolding developments relative to the status and prospects of those agreements.

By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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