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Rep. Korlubah justifies criticism against Pres. Weah

Opposition Lawmaker Yekeh Korlubah, of Montesrrado County Electoral District 10 says his criticism of President George M. Weah is as a result of the President’s bad handling of the State thereby, subjecting citizens to abject poverty.

The comment comes after the Supreme Court here instructed the House Representatives to rescind a suspension slammed against the lawmaker recently for ranting insults on President Weah.

Appearing on OK FM Monday, April 26, 2021, Rep. Korlubah said sometimes he regrets making bad utterances against the Presidency, and Mr. Weah particularly, saying “Let me say this; the day the CDC people stop provoking me, then I will refine myself and stop making bad utterances.”

According to him, all his utterances against the Presidency are meant to stop the President’s followers from provoking him. “Who say I don’t miss my family, who say I don’t regret my actions at times, but all those are done because I’m being provoked by CDCians.”

Rep. Kolubah claims that on countless occasions, he was harassed, intimidated, and provoked, but nothing came out of it, noting the police failed to investigate those circumstances. He similarly accuses the leadership of the House of Representatives of failing to intervene, justifying these are factors responsible for his bad utterances.

“Mr. Cummings and myself nearly got killed in Grand Gedeh, nothing happened, I went to Sky FM and was attacked by CDCians, still nothing happen; people shot at the house nothing happened then people expecting me to be calm, no I won’t be if I must be refined then CDCians must stop provoking”, the outspoken critic of the Weah administration maintains. Korlubah.

“We may come back to what I’m doing, and what I’ve been doing before if people want me to change than I should be left alone, it borders down on the shoulders of the government to maintain this change”, he continues, and declares himself a CDCian by extension.

At the same time he refutes comments of bringing the House to public disrepute, rather, saying it’s the very leadership of the House of Representatives that continues to bring that august body to disrepute.

He cites harmonization of staffers’ salaries, saying imagine a House of Representatives refusing to pay a private citizen, who had worked, using his personal money to pre-finance the painting of our building, and the Speaker has refused to pay the young man’s money; that is the clear definition of bringing the House to public disrepute.

“We need to talk, because when the opposition are weak, the ruling government will destroy the entire country, especially the case with this CDC government where President Weah is listening to very few people like [his] Ministers of State and Finance, among others’ This why we can’t be silent, President Weah must know that there is an opposition”, says Rep. Korlubah.

He describes President Weah as his friend, and publicly assures they will settle their differences, but adds, “If they push me, I will push back harder.” By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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