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Rep. Poure complains against mining sector

River Gee County District #1 Rep. Alexander Poure is seeking the attention of the House of Representatives concerning the unprecedented influx of dredges found within the mining sector of Liberia.

According to Rep. Poure, most of the miners found using dredges are predominantly Ghanaians exploiting the natural resources of the country without paying taxes to Liberian Government.He says it requires clarity from the Minister of Mines and Energy.

Rep. Poure complains that since the inception of the George Manneh Weah government, the Minister of Mines and Energy has put stop on the issuance of permits for the use of yellow machines and dredges.

But he says to his surprise, dredges and yellow machines are still being used in exploiting Liberia’s mineral resources without paying taxes to government.Rep. Poure notes that government is in need of money to implement its pro-poor agenda, but observes that the mining sector here is overcrowded with Ghanaians and the nation’s resources are getting depleted without benefiting the citizens and government.

He calls on Plenary of the House of Representatives to invite the Minister of Mines and Energy to explain what policy and plan or regulations have been put in place to effectively collect government’s lawful taxes, having stopped the issuance of permits which is causing government to lose huge revenue generation.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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