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Rep. Sloh condemns humiliation of Sinoe women

Sinoe County district #2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh condemns the reported brutal humiliation of two women in Numopoh, Sinoe County by some men, who accused the victims of being witches.

According to a press release, Representative Sloh notes the action and its attending video have both embarrassed all civilized people especially, Sinoe citizens around the world.

A video clip posted on social media recently showed two young ladies stripped completely nude and publicly flogged by a band of men trying to coerce them into confession as witches.
One of the victims in the video reportedly died from the torture and beating.

Rep. Sloh apologizes to the victims’ families, and all women around the world for the disgrace the barbaric act has imposed on them.

He says in this civilized days, only person suffering from chronic insanity and irreversible mental derangement can even think of meting out such abnormal and violent social behavior against any human being, let alone women.

Refuting media reports that the incident took place in his district; he adds that no matter where this ugly incident occurred, it must be condemned by all civilized human beings.

He also regrets what he calls very poor judgment employed by those who published the video.

Rep. Sloh at the same time condemns reported mob violence in Grigsby Farm community, Greenville district where angry citizens allegedly brutalized law enforcement officers over the weekend. Press release
By Bridgett Milton

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