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Rep. Snowe wants to cause by-election

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Bomi County District#2 Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr., like many of his colleagues in the House of Representatives, seems to be gearing up to vie for the senate in December, a move that could impose additional financial strains on government to conduct by-elections in many parts of the country.

Already, government is still struggling to fund the pending midterm senatorial election in all 15 counties, ahead of Presidential and Representatives elections in 2023. But Snowe has been petitioned by former Bomi County senator Lahai Gbabye Lansana to contest in the December 08 midterm senatorial election despite being a current sitting lawmaker for the county.

If he stepped into the race, automatically a vacant seat would be created in Bomi County district#2 should he win hence, a need for by-election to refill such seat in an economy that is already suffocating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagine if five incumbent representatives or more contested in the in midterm senatorial election; how many vacant seats that would need to be refilled before the 2023 elections and the cost associated. This would be happening in the face of our crippling health sector that needs all of the support to adequately serve the country’s population. Equally so, the education sector is beset by challenges, ranging from lack of trained teachers, laboratories and libraries, among others.

If government would be constrained to spend millions of dollars to conduct by-elections while other areas that are as well important face neglect then we are making no progress as a people. Snowe and other sitting lawmakers to join him soon should reconsider their decision and remain where they are to serve their people rather than abandoning their districts to seek greener pasture at the expense of the economy.

This paper does not in any way seek to disenfranchise any Liberian citizen from exercising his or her rights under the Constitution, but when duly elected lawmakers already representing their people would abandon them for greener pasture, then it is no longer public service. We call such behavior sheer greed and selfishness.

Public officials should conduct themselves in ways that would earn them trust from the people rather than wanting all for themselves and not being appreciative for where God has lifted them.


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