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Researchers make report on GBV

A lead researcher Mr. Solomon B. Paye and a lecturer at the University of Liberia (UL) Mr. Darkie Fasu Mulbah have concluded a research on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in three counties here.

The researchers say they conducted GBV research in Montserrado, Margibi and Grand Bassa counties to find out causes of violence among men, women and children at home, communities and to sensitize them of the effect of GVB.

The research is funded by UNESCO Liberia in collaboration with the Ministry of Education under the topic: “The impact of gender based violence”.

According to Mr. Paye, the research targeted at least three communities in each county.

In Montserrado County, field workers of five visited three communities where they talked to 70 males and females including 30 adults between ages of 36 – 55; 25 youth between ages 18 – 35; and 15 children between ages 12 – 17.

Similar exercises were conducted in Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties. The research says females in these areas said they are mistreated, sometime beaten and others were killed in the process by their husbands or boyfriends because of jealousy.

The report also states that some women were also physically abused because they refused to agree for sex by their husband. They claim that reason given was that they are sometime exhausted when they return from selling or from farming.

They further stated that at some time they were forced by their
male partners at night, followed by a serious warning that such ordeal should not be revealed to others.

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Other said they are denied foods, clothes and other essential things that are family needs. On the other hand, many of the youth, mainly the females explain that they also experience similar incidents in the communities, at schools and at some social gatherings.

They complain of physically being abused, intimidated by their male friends in the communities and encounter the same from teachers at schools.

At schools, some females said they lost interest of going to school because of the behavior of some of their male teachers who feel that they are not competent as compared to the male friends.

By Bridgett Milton

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