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Residents Capture Armed Robber

An armed robbery mission is reported to have turned soured in New Georgia with suspect John Tamba after he and his three accomplices allegedly robbed a susu woman (club money keeper) called Esther Kollie of $125,000.00 Liberian Dollars and US$30.00, along with one Nokia Phone.

According to Police charged sheet, residents chased and successfully arrested suspect Tamba, but his three accomplices only identified as Acha, Skinny Show and Jahero fled the crime scene.

Suspect Tamba was later turned over to police by the residents, and later jailed at the Monrovia Central Prison  following his appearance before  the Monrovia Magisterial Court last Friday with his stitched head and bruised off arm.

The charged sheet said co-suspects Acha and Skinny (OnealZaba) informed defendant Tamba that they had been monitoring the susu woman (Esther) inside New Georgia, and proposed that he (Tamba) follow them on the armed robbery mission which they allegedly executed on May 23, 2012.

Police said defendant Tamba and Acha allegedly chartered a motorbike from Logan Town on Bushrod Island to New Georgia Junction where they met Jahero and Skinny.

At 11 PM that night, police gathered that the suspects proceeded to execute the armed robbery mission upon arrival at the susu woman Esther’s house, stepping her door open.

Suspects Acha and Jahero, armed with cutlasses, allegedly entered the victim’s bed room, while suspects Tamba and Skinny were armed with sticks while waiting outside apparently keeping guard for their colleagues.

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Upon successfully robbing victim Esther of the alleged L$125,000.00 and US$30.00, along with a Nokia Phone worth US$40, the suspects hurriedly managed to escape the crime scene, except Tamba who was then captured by residents.

Police investigators said they discovered and retrieved a short single barrel pistol and one live round on the armed robbery scene, and that defendant John Tamba allegedly admitted to the armed robbery allegation levied against him by the residents.

The victim Esther Kollie told police investigators that her son Lomel Sirleaf was also attacked by the suspects. Lomel Sirleaf said the suspects chopped his right foot when they first attacked him in his bed room, after which they proceeded to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, the much details regarding the alleged escapees are not known.

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