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Resignation a hoax!

Reports that Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah is being coerced to resign his post as minister has been rubbished and described as a hoax.

A local online paper the Independent Probe reported a story in which it quoted multiple sources suggesting that the minister was parking of the treasury building following intense pressure from President George Weah to do so.

Minister Tweah has been allegedly muddied in the USD25m mopping up exercise. Though he has repeatedly denied any wrong doing, most have called for his resignation or sacking.

Thus the speculation and the interest in his alleged resignation came as no surprise.
A special assistant to Mr. Tweah, who declined to give credence to the story told this paper Wednesday that at no time the Minister has been asked to resign or has he intimated his resignation from his current portfolio.

This paper received multiple calls from individuals both home and abroad on Sunday seeking confirmation over Tweah’s alleged resignation.

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