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Respecting the Zoning Laws, Not Blaming the Government

Recently, a number of communities in Monrovia and its environs got flooded as result of heavy rain falls. The floods devastated several homes, damaging properties as well as injuring several persons. Responses to the situation were either not forthcoming or very slow.

Perhaps, this may have angered residents and victims of the situation in these communities to accuse the government and international organizations of not been sensitive to their plight. The frustrations which characterized that unfavorable situation may have actually prompted such utterances and blames.

While we do sympathize with the communities and flood victims, we must say here that measures aimed at preventing recurrence of such situation must be ensured, especially so when it is not the first or second time such situation is taking place.

Despite the fact that most of the affected communities are swampy, low land or water ways, precautions for habitat are most often under-estimated.

We are fully aware that in most of these areas, community leaders work tirelessly to ensure measures to avoid floods and other disasters  to no avail due to the refusal of community dwellers to cooperate with simple community projects such drainage systems and landscaping.

Some community dwellers are even carried away by sentiments expressed by land dealers to purchase allays and other areas not conducive for construction, without any form of investigation to know whether or not such areas were covered by the zoning laws.

We are of the fervent belief that were these things to be taken into serious consideration, most of these disasters would be avoided.

Our failure to respect or honor the laws of our land sometimes result to unfortunate situations, one of which is the recent floods in Monrovia and its environs.

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Other than blaming the government again for their own inadequacies or negligence, community dwellers must take initiatives to protect themselves and their respective communities.

While the government may be there for the entire nation, self-initiatives to buttress such efforts must be employed by us all for our own safety and development.

If and only if we can learn from the recent past and begin to respect the laws, we would indeed be helping ourselves.

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