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Retirement ´best´ for Boakai

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A stalwart of the ruling Unity Party says he thinks it’s time for Vice President Joseph Boakai to retire after 12 years of service as Vice President.

Nimba County Representative Worlea Saywah Dunah said in an interview Monday at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia, that following the long years of national service to the Liberian people, which the public will not forget, the only option is for Vice President Boakai is to step aside and allow Dr. Toga Gaywea McIntosh the chance to lead the party to the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections.

Dunah, who declared his support to ECOWAS’ former Vice President, indicated with the level of education, experience and the spirit of born technocrat, it was time for the ruling establishment to give Dr. McIntosh the opportunity for the 2017.

He told the interview that the Vice President was now a senior statesman who deserves some honor and dignity, and that such honors could be accorded upon turning over power, alongside President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf come January 2018.

He stressed that contributions of Vice President Boakai cannot be over-emphasized, but the best option is get the last honor after he turns over power along with the president. When asked about the possibility of defeating Vice President Boakai at the May 9th national convention of the Unity Party, Rep. Dunah intimated that anything could happen, saying many thought during the 2005 presidential and legislative elections, a female would have never

been elected as President of Liberia, but President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first female to be elected overwhelmingly in two separate elections. He noted that on the political field, anything could happen, especially when the process is free, fair and transparent.

It can be recalled that Rep. Dunah indicated, in an interview with this paper months back at his Paynesville residence, outside Monrovia that there was no need for Vice President Boakai to contest the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections, recommending honorable retirement by the Liberian people.

A one-time youth leader and Secretary General of the opposition New Deal Movement, Dunah said Liberia has reached the age for generational change, indicating that it would be contradictory for the vice president, who turns 74 by 2017, to contest the nation’s highest post.

“Our vice standard bearer is experienced, qualified and educated, but the age factor is one that we cannot overlook. Liberians are not prepared now for an aging President. Also, it would be a contradiction to the policy of President Sirleaf, who built many young men and women. Today, many of the ministers are young and the President took them from nowhere and brought them to prominence,” he said, adding: “the President did that in order for one of the youthful ministers to take over from her,” the former New Deal stalwart-turned Unity Party Executive noted.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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