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Rev. Holder descends on religious leaders

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The Chaplain General at the Liberian Senate Rev. Michael Holder says Liberia is still under a curse, terming religious leaders in the Country as deceitful.

The Clergy warned Thursday, 24 January that religious leaders here need to stop comparing Liberian leaders to Nehemiah of the Holy Bible, recalling that Nehemiah was not a selfish leader but a selfless leader who cared for his people.

His comments came during the opening prayer of the Senate session,reminding his colleagues that Nehemiah didn’t practice what the former governors practiced.According to Rev, Holder, Nehemiah didn’t buy land and build houses for himself.He enjoins leaders of Liberia to be selfless and work in the interest of the people.

He cautions leaders not to feel that everything is okay with everyone when those in power can afford food and other basic needs.Rev. Holder observes that leaders are not concerned about those that follow them, challenging leaders to start showing care from their own offices and those around.

“When they are ask for money, they can ask what do you want to do with money. Jesus said ask and it shall be given to you. The President announced the pro poor to be in the interest of the poor people, but now the poor people are the ones suffering,” says Rev. Holder.

The Senate Chaplain General says Liberia needs to put its house in order so that the country can move forward.He urges Liberian leaders and religious leaders to pray for everyone, including those that are working on the farm.

He concluds that to be a great man, you need to leave good footprints for the development of the country by building schools and other developmental things for the country.

By Ethel A. Tweh –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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