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Revisit appointment at Bomi Community College

The Executive Director of Project Bomi Inc., a local NGO, Mombu B. Momo has appealed to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Bomi County Legislative Caucus to revisit recent appointments made at the Bomi Community College.

In a press release, Mombu  said when the community college couldn’t complete a semester in 2006 under the leadership of Rev. Korto Brown and his Board of Trustees, Dr. Samuel Monwell came and made a difference at the institution.

According to him, Dr. Monwell was able to hold two successful graduations under his administration. “Today, this government is setting a bad precedent for Bomi County by rendering this son of Liberia, Dr. Samuel Monwell ingratitude thereby, honoring those that created those hollows with positions and appointing them to the new board”, Mombu noted.

He cautioned that this could serve as a stigma of ingratitude for the people of Bomi County, and if not corrected immediately, would send a bad signal for the community college.

“Now it is time we do away with nepotism, tribalism and egotism that divided us as nation and people for so long; if she [Pres. Sirleaf] so value education of the youth of Bomi County, and cognizant of her constitutional right to appoint and dismiss,” he added.

He said doing it in good faith will serve as a unifying force and also yield a positive result for the nation, noting that though the current board might have the educational criteria,  productivity and positive result are what Liberians need at this time, most especially, the people of Bomi County.

The Executive Director stressed that the college leadership should be accessible to the instructional staff and the student body, noting that “For too long some of these board officials have masqueraded the leadership of Bomi County and created no impact but confusion but it’s about time that they step aside and give others who are prepared to produce the requisite results to take the stage in Bomi County.”

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