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Riots across Haiti after the U.S. pushes Haiti on elections

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Haiti is a Caribbean country used to elections but it seems like elections did not contribute to a better Haiti, but elections have contributed to more chaos and protests because of corrupt elected candidates. Since January 2020, the U.S. elected officials demanded Haiti President JovenelMoise about the dates for elections, but Haitians rejected their demands because the Haitians believe the Youth (La Jeunesse) time is now. “Haiti should set a date for elections”, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, more than a week after Haiti’s president began ruling by decree, But, Haiti sectors and parties rejected their requests because the Haitian population said the U.S. must allow them to choose their own elected officials instead.

“We need to have the elections. That is important,” Pompeo said in an interview with the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. “Once those elections will be held, there’ll be a duly elected government. We won’t have to be concerned about ruling by decree.”

After the demands of the elections were declined months ago, now on September 19, 2020, Haitian President JovenelMoise has appointed nine members to a provisional electoral council tasked with preparing a constitutional referendum and organizing local, municipal, legislative and presidential elections in the Caribbean country. The United States government this week reiterated a strongly worded call for Moise and other political forces to work together and arrange the elections. However, Haiti sectors and parties rejected their requests again because the Haitian population refused to let the U.S. and PHTK elect their own elected candidates once again because the upcoming Government belongs to the youth (La Jeunesse). Unfortunately, without the votes of Haiti sectors, parties, and population, forming a new CEP group might result in more chaos and protests instead of change.

After the decision of President JovenelMoise, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince backed up President Jovenel for his decision on elections because the U.S. Government wanted the elections, but protesters and activists across Haiti started a petition online to demand the U.S. Ambassador in Haiti Michele Sison to stay away from politics in Haiti. Also, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince posting tweets on Twitter saying “There will be consequences for those who don’t want elections in Haiti”. After the tweets of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haitians believe that those tweets are threats and that’s why Haitians started a petition online to ask the U.S. to stay away from what is happening in Haiti. Since then, riots been taken to the streets across the country. Unfortunately, cars, buses, and buildings were set on fire.

“I believe Haitians should elect their own candidates this time but this time belongs to the youth (La Jeunesse) so they can take control of their future. After all these protests for a better Haiti, having elections to elect the same group of people again will be a danger to Haiti, worse than the previous years. For me, elections are not the answer unless the new CEP allows youth individuals with 27 years old and more to go to elections because I believe the Youth (La Jeunesse) time is now. Haitians elected candidates for years, but nothing has changed in Haiti. So, having elections without the participation of the youth is useless. Not a priority to Haiti.”, Said a member of VanyanSòldaAyiti, a political party in Haiti.

“We have a young leader like WerleyNortreus and so many others who could be the best President of Haiti but will CEP allows them to be a candidate. Honestly, electing the same group of people is not the answer. Elections are possible but they must allow youth individuals with 27 years old and more to go to elections. A new Haiti is possible but with the youth (La Jeunesse).”, said Jean-Marc while talking about the decision of Haiti President on Bon Déjeuner! Radio.

“Eleksyon pap posibakmenm group mounsayo.”, said a protester while protesting in the street of Port-Au-Prince.

According to multiple sources, the upcoming elections in Haiti will cost Haiti more than $150M USD. However, that money could do so much for Haiti, but President JovenelMoise wants to use this money on elections instead. Before President JovenelMoise’s terms end, the Haitians across Haiti believe Jovenel could go without organizing elections by giving the power to the youth. “EleksyonsaJovenelap pale a apkouteAyitipliske $150 Milyondola US pandankelajansakareyalizeanpil gran chozpouAyiti. Non, noubouke, prochenGovernman pa poumenm group mousayoankor. NouvoGouvenman se pou La Jeunesse.”, said a member of aA New Haiti Before 2045 (ANHB 2045).

The U.S. pushes Haiti on elections without young leaders in it, But the Haitians across the country Denied their Election requests.

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