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Rival throws jabs at Yekeh Kolubah

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Montserrado County Electoral District #10 representative hopeful Yeakeh Sayequee has thrown jabs at incumbent Representative Yekeh Kolubah, calling him a mere talker, and a ‘Talking Tom.’

In an exclusive interview with the NewDawn Monday, 3 April 2023, Sayequee said the time has come for the people of District #10 to be redeemed from the bondage of a failed lawmaker who has allegedly done nothing to improve their welfare.

Mr. Sayequee chairs the Peace Island Community said he has the confidence of winning District #10 with 80% of the total votes in the October presidential and legislative elections.

Rep. Kolubah

According to him, Mr. Kolubah poses feeble threats to his bid of being elected to transform the district.

Sayequee boasted that no contender can match his tangibles in the district. He claimed youth empowerment, job creation, provision of microloans, education, and quality healthcare services for the people.

“Our district has come to one fact and that fact is change. The time has come for our people [who] have been yearning for change,” said Sayequee.

He said his people lack basic social services like quality education, modern health center, loan schemes, and youth empowerment.

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He indicated that the people who are desirous of the golden change must exercise their constitutional rights by registering to vote. 

“Our win is based on the power we will be exercising through voting. You can not make this ticket a winning one if we don’t register,” said Mr. Sayequee.

He promised to ensure that unity, peace, and stability are among the people of his district. He also said his quest to improve the livelihood of the people remains intact.

He condemned the recent violent act in the district, accusing Rep. Kolubah of lacking the leadership ability to lead the people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kolubah has in a series of interviews stated that he is confident in reclaiming the district.

Rep. Kolubah said no competitor for him in the pending elections even with voter trucking.

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