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Rivercess Clinic Struck by Armed Robbers

In Cestos, Rivercess County, suspected armed robbers reportedly looted a clinic, completely realizing that they could not get the cash they wanted. The robbers are reported to have broken into the clinic in the early hours of last Saturday, 20 April, having capitalized on the vulnerability of the compound.

Having ransacked the clinic and could not find money, the robbers then made away with equipment, including solar system which provided power (electricity) to the health post. The incident is reported to have left the locals in a state of disbelief because the clinic is considered very helpful in the county.

In recent times, there’s been a rapid increase in armed robbery in Monrovia and its environs. Fortnight ago, robbers struck the densely populated Clara Town community, leaving two dead and wounding scores of residents.

Burglaries in public and private places in the countryside by suspected armed robbers continue despite the imposition of the 10 pm sanction on motorbikes since last November 12.

It followed police statement linking motorcyclists to “criminal facilitation” or their direct involvement in criminal activities, including armed robbery at midnight and during early morning hours throughout the country.

Man, 31, Found Dead in Nimba

A 31 year-old man was discovered dead 3 days after he went missing in the town of Karnplay, Nimba County near the border with Ivory Coast. Anthony Koveh is reported to have left his house during the night of last Thursday after bundling (packing) his belongings and went without informing his neighbors about his destination.

He was found dead after 3 days, when the residents of the town launched a manhunt for him. However, one of the relatives disclaimed any foul-play, suggesting that the late Anthony may have been suffering from chronic malaria.

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