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Rivercess County: Major Theft Case Suffers Setback

The trial involving five contractors of the Tarwarken Construction Company , a company  hired  by authorities of Rivercess County to carry out some development projects in the area, has been adjourned for the second time following a second motion for continuance in the case.

The five contractors, namely Isaac Nelson, Joseph Nimely, Alpha Barrie, Victor Doegba and  Daniel Johnson allegedly stole  215 bags of cement, 50 bags of whitewash, several pieces of steel rods, tides and electrical wires, an alleged act, which authorities said, had stalled the construction  of  a presidential suite, a superintendent residence, and a 24-bed rooms guest house. 

The motion was filed by the prosecuting counsel after the Construction Company’s General Manager; Isaac Roland (plaintiff) failed to appear in court.

However, the prosecuting counsel told Judge Ben Jones Wheagbah of the Rivercess City Court the motion was warranted by the absence of the principal witness Roland in Cestos City, Rivercess County.

The examination is scheduled to reappear this Wednesday in the city court of Rivercess after the city court judge reserved ruling on the motion   this mid-week.

It can be recalled that the case kicked off last Monday, February 8, 2010 for its preliminaries, but the defense counsel later filed a motion for continuance.

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