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Rivercess: Diarrhea Outbreak On The Rise

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There is an outbreak of diarrhea, as a result of the lack of safe drinking water in Gbortoe town, Rivercess County.

According to our correspondent, at least one person has died, while about 19 others affected by water-borne diseases, were admitted and discharged from the St. Francis Memorial hospital in Cestos.

Creeks are reported to be the main sources of drinking water due to the absence of hand pumps and chlorinated wells in the town (Gbortoe).

Despite the hugh presence of non-government organizations and community health workers of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Rural Liberia, seventy-five percent of the people of Liberia continued to be denied safe drinking water.

Safe drinking water is one of the main tenants under the provision of basic social services of the lift Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy launched three years ago by the government of Liberia.

Despite the successes announced by the government, through Planning and Economic Affairs Minister Amara Conneh a few months ago in the implementation of the PRS, there’s been little or no improvement in the socio-economic lives of rural dwellers as evidenced by  the absence of safe drinking water in most towns and villages in most parts of Liberia.


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