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Rivercess Elephant Demands Libation?

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A conference between stakeholders and traditional chiefs in the Southeastern county of Rivercess almost turned nasty when two of the local traditional chiefs staged a protest walk-out demanding that the logging company meeting up with its social responsibility before further operations.

Reports emerging from the Rivercess elephant’s meeting indicate that as a result of the actions of the chiefs, there was almost deadlock, something which may have further escalated the attacks by the elephants in that concision area.

Mr. Abrahama Beyai, Contract Coordinator of the Liberia Tree and Tree Company, when contacted disclosed that until a formal and final conclusion was reached by his company and all stakeholders, the meeting’s result was not ready for public consumption.  

According to New Dawn sources from Rivercess, the meeting almost ended in a deadlock due to a walk-out staged by two native elders who were accused of being behind the elephant’s destruction.

The meeting described as painstaking had two phases, only aimed at facilitating every personality and lasted for about seven hours only to arrive at this level of ‘libation’ agreement.

The level of understanding achieved so far, was meanly broker by Senior Senator Jonathan Barney and facilitated by Superintendent Willington Geevon-Smith who headed the local government officials.

In attendance also were traditional leaders, including representatives of Forestry Development Authority (FDA), UNMIL, LTTC/MANDRA and another logging company operating in the county, EJ&J.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Tree and Trading Company (LTTC) Inc., was asked by Senator Barney not to pull out of the county. LTTC however was expected to have resumed active working duties at all its concession areas based on the Senator request.

Details on the cause of the walkout of the two natives and how Senator Barney vigorous kicked against road construction within the concession community being one of the demands reinforced  to LTTC, by the traditional people would appeal in our next report.

The City Major of Cessto, Madam Sarah Mardarweh Zeo before the meeting, bemoaned the death of the LTTC’ staff and described the incident as unfortunate.

Madam Zeo pleaded with the traditional leaders, citizens of the concession area to close rank with authorities in Rivercess for a workable solution to the impasse in the name of development.

“If this will cause the re visitation of LTTC’s social responsibility to the concession community, like it be done to enhance peace, employment and development for the people”.

She said “we are equally so appealing to the LTTC management not to pull out of it operations area, because it only take a sober reflection and understanding to resolve such a problem”.

The Cesto City Major called on the FDA to assess the situation on ground that it has to do with wild life. She questioned while a harmless animal would turn harmful to destroy and kill?

Hon.  Zeo stressed that stakeholders need to see reason and create a zoo to probably domesticate the rampaging elephants which will serve a good purpose for tourism and fund generation.

The Rivercess citizens at a meeting held in Buchanan, appealed to LTTC management to employ about 60 per cent of their citizen. They also requested that all companies operating in the county opens offices in Cessto instead of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County where LTTC has build a logs pond.

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