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Robustness needed in security sector

Politician Urged Gov’t
The Chairman of the Liberian Nation Union or LINU, Nathaniel Blama, has admonished the Government of Liberia to be more robust in strengthening the security sector at all levels in the face of UNMIL’s drawdown. Speaking last weekend at the celebration of the party’s 19th anniversary, Chairman Blama said LINU was of the strongest belief that the provision of the needed logistics to the security sector will enhance performance, in addition to more training and better incentives.

“It is time that we, as a people begin to develop self-esteem so that we can make it and don‘t depend on outsiders to do everything for us, said the LINU Chairman.
According to him, in 2011, LINU joined the Unity Party because of its belief that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration needed at least another term, noting that as a result, the party endorsed her re-election to the presidency at its May Convention in 2011.

He indicated that the party participated in her re-election campaign, but the current administration has failed to create the jobs it promised to the growing number of the unemployed youth and professionals in the country.

The LINU Chairman said the current administration has given different nomenclatures to corruption, ranging from “public enemy #1 now to Vampire”, but cannot show the impact of its fight against corruption.
He claimed that 85% of the people of Liberia continue to live on the ‘lonely island of poverty’, while a few minority swims in the ‘ocean of material wealth’.

Chairman Blama also noted that no member of the party has yet come up with a desired to run in the upcoming election, but if any of its party members was desirous of the Liberian President, he or she would be preferred.

He indicated that what he knew was that they would be ‘taking they seats’ of most of the corrupt lawmakers. LINU, he said, has come a long way after more than 20 years of its existence and 19 years of institutionalization with the burning desire for the preservation of peace and stability in the nation – both moral values necessary for the enhancement of the need for the conglomeration of our people.

By Bridgett Milton-Edited by George Barpeen

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