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Special Feature

Roving Lenses: Rubbish Thrown From Cars

If you are sitting in a vehicle or riding one, just take a quick but safe look outside of your car next time you stop at a road junction or roundabout etc. Do a quick visual check on all the discarded items on the roadside. The amount of rubbish left lying on the roadside in Monrovia is a national disgrace.

This morning, I sat in jammed traffic, and was side by side with a car containing a young man and woman. All of a sudden, the passenger side window came down and out was thrown banana peel, plastic bags, and several other items. This made my blood boil. I see such attitude as absolute laziness at it’s the worst and disregard for the environment and the surroundings that everyone has to live in.

Before I could grab my camera to take a photo of the vehicle, and or trash, it was time to move.  Do these people not have bins at home that they can deposit their litter into when they get there? Or is that too much trouble? Throwing trash on the streets should be a crime.

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