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Roving Lenses: The case of “Beauty and the Beast”

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Manicure and pedicure options abound in Monrovia. After all, getting your nails can be done quickly nowadays in Liberia like picking up a cup of coffee in America. And while there are options literally on every other street, sometimes most people just want something fast and cheap; there is the tendency to overlook the “beast that comes with beauty.”

In Monrovia, there seem to be more and more bucket and basket salons walking the streets up. While access to these basket salons make it easy for many persons, including those at drinking spots and bars, restaurants, and street corners people at bars, among other places to quickly get manicure or pedicure.

But at what price do these quickies come with? Are our people aware of the Beast that comes with Beauty? It’s possible to get in contact with someone’s blood from using the same nail cutters, tweezers, and blade, among others that our “basket and bucket beauticians” had serviced few minutes before meeting you.

From unsterilized beautician tools, you can get any number of Staph infections, bacterial or fungal infections. Other risks of using a clipper and other tools that was used by another person include, hepatitis (Hepatitis is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver) and HIV, among other “beasts”. Sterilization is non-negotiable for me. In the business of being beautiful, it always pays to be clean and cautious.

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