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Roving Lenses: The Dirty Truth

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This truck plying a street in Bomi County is just one of many that we see bellowing smoke on our street.  Many of us have seen smoke rising from a big truck and assumed it’s a just what it is.  Well, if you think so, you are wrong.

Trucks are a major source of smog, of toxic chemical pollution, and of dust linked to cancer and respiratory problems.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Most big trucks don’t even use pollution control devices — even though they could, and should. In fact, big trucks could be cleaner than they are today — especially if we clean up the fuel.

One way is of reducing truck pollution is by using biodiesel fuel.  Biodiesel” Fuel Could Reduce Truck Pollution. Diesel fuel made from natural renewable sources such as vegetable oils or animal fats lowered air-polluting emissions of heavy trucks in a study, according to researchers.

They say the “biodiesel” fuel can be used in regular diesel engines without modifying them. Perhaps we could just encourage the use of biodiesel fuel in order to reduce smog and toxic pollution in our environment.

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