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Ruling party witch hunts

-Following bad election result

President George Weah’s governing Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC calls for mass dismissal of non-partisans or people working against the government’s interest in what is clearly seen here as an apparent response to its disgraceful defeat in the Montserrado County Senatorial By-election.

The ruling party is instead, asking its Standard Bearer, President Weah to prioritize employment for partisans and those it considers are working to upholding the Pro Poor Agenda of the government.

A statement from the national executive committee of the ruling establishment under the signature of party Chairman Mulbah Morlu on Thursday, August 01, stresses empowerment of ‘those who stood with the party during its period of struggle, adding, that officials working outside the ‘Pro Poor’ Agenda should vacate government.

“We the members of the National Executive Committee of this great party are committed to all of you. Now is the time that we have to swallow the bitter pills by taking some hard decisions both in government and our party. We commit to continuously seeking the interest of Liberians.

Most importantly, our supporters who stood with us during our difficult days in the struggle must continue to be empowered. We can no longer sugarcoat this reality. The moral demands to empower our people are a fierce urgency that remains our first line of defense as we serve our country”, Chairman Morlu asserts.

He specifically notes that the verdict from the people in the just-ended polls in Montserrado is not only a wakeup call to action, but an insistence the party will not ignore to change course.

He says officials in both the Liberian Legislature and the executive branch will have to live in accordance with the Pro-Poor Agenda or else, vacate the government and the party, adding, CDC has reached the point where the party will separate party actions from the actions of officials of government, where necessary; the period for honeymoon is over.

Morlu underscores the mandate is to support the President succeeds, not to undermine his hard-earned gains, further calling on officials of government to validate the confidence reposed in them.

“Our President is a popular person with a good heart for all Liberians. We all have to help our leader deliver for the people of Liberia. This election does not mean that our government is unpopular with the people of Liberia. What it means is that our partisans and the people of Liberia in general need us most at this critical juncture in our national political journey.”

At the same time, the ruling Coalition concedes defeat, congratulating opposition candidate Abraham Darious Dillon of the Liberty Party and the collaborating political parties for his victory in the Montserrado by-elections, including CDC’s Candidate Abu Kamara in District#15.

“We fought a good fight and have reached a final conclusion, in the aftermath of the National Elections Commission official announcement of preliminary results, which projects Mr. Abu B. Kamara as winner of District #15. Whilst congratulating Mr. Kamara, the CDC as Liberia’s biggest democratic institution, likewise congratulates Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon of the Liberty Party”, the ruling party concedes.

The CDC’s defeat in Montserrado, its stronghold in the last three presidential elections, sends shockwaves in the ruling establishment that it is not business as usual, coupled with frustrations coming from within. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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