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Rural News

Rural Liberians not satisfied

The people of Bong County have frowned at the Liberian Government for what they called “don’t-care” attitude towards stabilizing the swelling United States Dollars against the Liberian Dollars in terms of the exchange rate in the country. At present, one US Dollar is equated to 89-90 Liberian Dollars on the Liberian market.

Callers, who phoned in to a local radio morning program in Gnarnga Thursday, expressed displeasure at the government for doing less in addressing the economic problem facing the country.  They said, the rise in the exchange rate was causing serious hardship for the Liberian people.

Commodity prices on the local market in Rural Liberia have evidently increased due to the high exchange rate, with some blaming the Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor Mills Jones for doing nothing much to stabilize the exchange rate.

They described the recent loan scheme initiated by the Central Bank under Dr. Jones as not helpful anymore, because the same money is being used to buy the US Dollars at sky-rocketing rates in order to access goods from abroad.

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