Saah Joseph on Sierra-Leone’s Ebola Response

The head of the First Response Ebola Team from Liberia to Sierra Leone, Montserrado County Representative Saah Joseph, says his team in Sierra Leone was making all mobilization efforts in villages for awareness on the Deadly Ebola Virus.

Representative Joseph told the Truth FM Breakfast show on Monday that members of his the team walk were trekking from village to village and home to home to create awareness on the necessary preventive measures against Ebola, saying the First response has made a difference towards these efforts, and that the people of Sierra Leone were positively responding, as well as showing respect and trust in the team.

He added that the people of Sierra Leone see the entire team as the representative of the Government and people of Liberia.

He noted that five members from the Team have been deployed to the border between Sierra Leone and Liberia to test anyone coming and going out of the two countries, not only for Ebola cases, but any other related disease.

He urged genitors of all schools in Liberia to use gloves and ensure that their schools are well cleaned in order to have a safe environment for the students.

He said as Co-chairman of the Committee on Health, he of the strongest conviction that Monrovia must three well equipped public referral hospitals to avoid the recurrence of the deadly Ebola disease and provide an opportunity to advance medical treatment for Liberians unable to afford foreign medication. 

He also emphasized the urgent for doctors, nurses and other health workers to undergo advanced periodic training to serve the people of Liberia.

By Rewina Juduh

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