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Sabotage-Lonstar Cell MTN accuses Cellcom/Orange

Two of Liberia’s mobile phones giants are said to be in a GSM brawl, as Lonestar Cell MTN said over the weekend that it has discovered what it calls a criminally designed plan by its competitor Cellcom/Orange to undermine its existing one for three days free calls service.

In a release issued, the company said Cellcom/Orange has been using its 143 service to send out messages to all Lonestar MTN subscribers to undermine its promotion. The company’s Deputy CEO, Louis Roberts was quoted in the release as accusing Cellcom/Orange of also deliberately congesting the service to prevent subscribers of Lone Star Cell from accessing the program.

Mr. Roberts added that the move has also been causing traffic jam; something he says makes it difficult for subscribers of his company to freely make calls and access other services. 

The Lonestar Cell senior executive accused Cellcom/Orange of projecting itself as the only company that operates a three-day free calls service.

He described Cellcom/Orange action as criminal and wants all customers of his company to ignore what he calls an unfriendly and dubious business practice. Mr. Roberts threatened to report the matter to the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, while pursuing other legal options.

It can be recalled a few months ago, the mobile phone giant raised alarm over its competitor’s decision to abuse the three days free calls service by adjusting the program to five days.

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Lone Star Cell MTN said it complained the matter to the LTA and the regulator intervened by compelling Cellcom/Orange to return to the traditional and original three days free calls service. However, when contacted Monday, Cellcom/Orange’s Corporate Communications Director Kimmie Weeks refused to comment on the allegations raised by Lonestar Cell MTN until he saw a copy of the press statement.

But even after a copy of the requested were sent to him, he failed to respond to comment up to press time. 


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