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Sad disgrace of Liberian diplomatic passport

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It is generally understood that people carrying diplomatic passports around the world deserve special preference and courtesy of the highest esteem. But when supposed diplomats or their relatives with diplomatic passports crossed the red line and behaved very uncouth, like in the case of George Weah, Jr., son of President George Manneh Weah, Sr., they automatically lost their respect and therefore, are treated like common criminals.

George Weah, Jr., aka Champ, carrying Liberian Diplomatic Passport, has been reportedly arrested in Paris, France by French Police for contempt and rebellion, after being observed intoxicated.

According to Today 24 News, based in Paris, Champ is being scheduled to appear before French justice system next Thursday, 10 February, though he holds a Liberian diplomatic passport, bringing reproach not only to his father and President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, Sr., but the entire Liberia that he represents in France, as son of our President.

Report from Paris details that on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 at 3:20 am, Police in Paris intervened in a nighttime noise during a clandestine party in an opulent building in the French capital specifically, avenue du President-Wilson (8th arrondissement), in the Alma-Marceau district.

Inside a rented apartment through Airbnb, French officials discovered a gang of eight, including George Weah, Jr., 33, clearly breaching COVID-19 health protocols.

Report quotes French Police as describing Weah Junior as “very alcoholic” and insulted the police and took out a diplomatic passport. He was subsequently arrested for contempt and rebellion, and taken to the 17th arrondissement police station.

It is sad and highly regrettable that someone holding our nation’s highest credential abroad, in this case, son of the President of Liberia, would have stood so low in a foreign land, fully cognizant that he is an adult and not an ordinary Liberian citizen.

What does this say about our moral rectitude as a country when a Liberian with such status would knowingly get drunk, ignore health protocols and behaved rudely to French Police? Doesn’t he know that being a son of President George Manneh Weah, his wellbeing automatically becomes the concern of all Liberians?

At age 33, Champ clearly knows right and wrong, and to have allegedly insulted and defied French Police before displaying his Liberian Diplomatic Passport, brought Liberia to serious ridicule.

It is indeed sad and disgraceful that someone entrusted with our Diplomatic Passport by virtue of his dad representing the 4.5 million people of Liberia as their President, would choose to discredit such international honor thru actions and behaviors that contravene diplomatic norms.

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