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SADO Rallies Zarzar

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The Sarpo Appolabo Development Organization (SADO), a conglomeration of the six sections of the Sarpo tribes in Sinoe County have rallied in support of the candidature of the former Deputy Minister of Education, Matthew Zarzar.

The approval was made early this week during a meeting among the 6 tribes (sections) held at the Garrison W. Gibson High School in Monrovia on 4 March.

The tribes are Wejah, Carbadae, Juarzon, Seekon, Putu and Normuput. Zarzar is the ruling Unity Party’s choice for the Sinoe County District #3 bi-elections, which is scheduled for next month (April). The vacancy was created due to the death of Representative Nelson Wah-Bah of the Unity Party in the aftermath of last year’s presidential and general elections.

The Sarpo people in their statement, under the signature of Madam Esther Jagbeh, chairperson of SADO, said among other things that they reached the conclusion after careful search and consultations with all of the candidates from the 6 sections mentioned.

The statement said in an effort to bring forth a single candidate, the search and nominating committee of SADO carried out a through and verified independent background investigation of each of the contestants (Sarpo) in the race by employing  what  they referred to as the SWOT analysis and capacity-judgment and strategic planning.

“We’re looking at the Sarpo tribe as broader picture and not only section such like Juarzon, Seekon,  Carbadae, Wejah  and Putu.

From the SWOT analysis and capacity-judgment, the SADO statement noted that it was established by the committee that Matthew Zarzar had the advantage over any other Sarpo candidate in the race, and was therefore endorsed a single candidate (Zarzar) as the desire of the Sarpo people (winning the seat).

SADO expressed the belief that Zarzar as a choice is to ensure a victory of over 80 percent of the total votes in all Sarpo towns and villages in the district in Sinoe County.

Zarzar was sanctioned among 8 other Sarpo candidates, 3 which withdrew from the process. Those who backed off were David Menjay, Robert Saywea and Thomas Romeo Quioh. Others who vowed to contest are Elijah Chilah, Marcus Pyne, Jefferson Wylie, Myer Krah and Klan Gbolor Jarpeh.

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