Salary bonanza at the Capitol


It is totally heartless that former Montserrado County District#13 Representative Saah Joseph, now Senator, wants to receive retroactive salary just as former Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, currently Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, has reportedly been receiving benefits from the Senate.

This paper gathers that lawmakers at the Capitol are opting for both Senators Saah Joseph of Montserrado County and Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa of Bong County to be paid retroactively. What is the logic in this we don’t understand.

But the apparent salary bonanza in the 54th Legislature is nothing but a broad day theft! We can say this without any stupor, for why should people receive salary for work they never performed?

That lawmakers, former and present, would out of sheer greed, take power onto themselves to receive double salaries both for offices they have left and those they presently occupy, is being not only selfish, but highly insensitive to the plight of the ordinary citizens they claim to represent in the first branch of government.

Already, by their unquenchable greed, they are causing the nation to spend millions of United States Dollars in conducting by-elections both in and outside Montserrado County.

As if this were not enough, they want to eat their cake and have it at the same time. This is not possible! It’s about time our leaders learn to be responsible enough to doing the right thing.

Taxpayers’ money should be used wisely, not for personal aggrandizement. We emphasize here that it is important state resources be utilized or expended for the common good, and not for a few handful of people, who find themselves in privilege positions.

Recently, it was reported that Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor still collect gas coupons allotted to the position of Bong County Senator while at the same time receiving entitlements to the Office of Vice President, which she presently occupies, and this has reportedly been ongoing for the past six months.

Solomon Ware, Director of Communications in the Office of Vice President Taylor neither confirm nor deny the information, according to report. Ordinary members of the senate are reportedly entitled to 2,200 gallons of gasoline, while those holding leadership positions get 2,400 gallons, respectively besides other amenities.
We call on lawmakers advocating for such selfish agenda to abandon their plan immediately because it would not work. Let us be on record here that we will cause the loudest noise in the public in vehemently opposing lawmakers receiving retroactive salary, particularly so when they had not worked for the period being advocated for.


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