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New Kru Town residents express fear

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Residents of the Corner West Community of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island have called for their relocation from the area over fears that they expect more destruction if government doesn’t act quickly to address longstanding erosion problems facing them.

Conner West Community Chairman Mr. Georg S. Teah told a NewDawn interview in New Kru Town Tuesday, 14 February that the community is working with government to help battle against the erosion.

He told this paper that the sea continues to cause destruction to their lives and properties. He said though government is trying to save them, they were equally working as community people to save themselves.

According to him, the D. Tweh Memorial High School Fence has been affected becausewater usually enters the fence when it rains.

Bothered by the threat posed by the erosion, Mr. Teah said residents of the Corner West Community havegathered to help government to secure the area that had been largely wiped out, mainly at the D. Tweh Memorial High Shcool.

He said his community was one of several communities in New Kru Town that
have been seriously threatened by erosion.

He thanked the Center for Environment and Development in Africa or CEDA,
which in partnership with the United Nations Development Programs or UNDP
has used rocks to black the sea.
“If this project succeeds, New Kru Town gets saved; and when New Kru Town is
saved, we are the first beneficiaries, so we see this as a great help,” Mr. Teah

A member of the Corner West Community Mr. Mr. Amose Jipply claimed that the
Ministry of Public Works had asked them to clean up the beach as volunteers,
alleging that an undisclosed promise was made for that purpose.
—Editing by Winston W. Parley

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