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Sanoyea Rubber Farmers Extol Relations with Firestone Liberia

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Rubber farmers of Sanoyea District in Lower Bong County have expressed their willingness to work along with the Management of Firestone Liberia in its quest to resuscitate the Liberian rubber industry to pre-war status, and improve the livelihoods of thousands of Liberian families.

Speaking Friday, July 8, 2011, in the town of Sanoyea, the Chairman of the Sanoyea Rubber Farmers Association, Mr. Sekou M. Kwayateh, expressed delight that the company can continue its efforts in developing the rubber industry in Liberia and seeking the welfare of the Liberian rubber farmers. He recounted that Firestone Liberia had in the past rehabilitated the road leading from Totota to Woumay stressing that “If Firestone can come back today; we are in the boat to work with Firestone.

We are ready to sell our rubber to Firestone.”  The Chairman of the Sanoyea Farmers Association then appealed to the Management of Firestone Liberia to work with the recipients of the free rubber saplings in making sure that the saplings provided by the company survive so as to keep the Liberian rubber industry moving toward its pre-war status, adding “We don’t know another company besides Firestone.

The name Firestone has been ringing in our ears for a very long time now. When you go back, please tell the Manager that Sanoyea rubber farmers are ready and waiting for you.” Mr. Kwayateh told the Firestone teammates.

For his part, the Coordinator of the Firestone Liberia Free Rubber Stumps Distribution Exercise in Sanoyea District, Mr. Shaka Dowanah, admonished his colleagues to utilized the free rubber saplings given to them by the company, and make sure that they are planted properly.

Earlier, the Commissioner of Sanoyea District, Mr. Cantos K. Bornor, who welcomed the Firestone teammates to the district, stated that the partnership between rubber farmers of Sanoyea District and Firestone Liberia dates back to several years. He expressed happiness that the farmers and Firestone Liberia have agreed to work together to uplift the rubber sector in Liberia and boost the rubber production capacity of the country.

The Public Affairs Manager of Firestone Liberia, Mr. G. Rufus Karmorh, who was part of the Firestone team to the district, which included other teammates from the Rubber Purchase Department of the company, informed the gathering that Firestone continues to play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of Liberia.

Mr. Karmorh reminded the audience that the company is building houses, schools, health facilities and planting rubber trees; emphasizing that “Firestone has a long-standing partnership with the Liberia people that is based on mutual respect.

Firestone is doing more than any other private entity to improve the quality of life for Liberians.” He noted that the Free Rubber Stumps Distribution Exercise launched by the company was a quick mechanism put into place to help rubber farmers and rebuild the rubber industry of the country.

The Public Affairs Manager of Firestone Liberia divulged that “this year, the company will provide 700,000 (seven hundred thousand) free rubber stumps to Liberian farmers.” Mr. Karmorh informed his audience. The Firestone Liberia Public Affairs boss called on recipients of the free rubber stumps to take care of the high yielding stumps.

He continued by saying “These stumps are your personal property and you must do all to ensure that your farms become a resounding success. This is my passionate plea. Your support to this program is cardinal and very dear to Firestone Liberia.” 

Mr. Karmorh praised personnel of the Rubber Purchase Department for the level of commitment and dedication to the program; describing the department as the vital link between the company and the farmers of Liberia.

Mr. Karmorh concluded by indicating that Firestone will continue to provide technical assistance to Liberian rubber farmers as a true partner, and reaffirmed that the company will continue to accelerate its pace of replanting and remain a reliable partner in the rubber industry.

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