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Saudi, Middle East Green Initiatives announced here

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The Saudi Green Initiative and The Middle East Green Initiative are expected to be launched here soon. The aimed is to chart a path for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region in protecting the planet.

“Today, we announce The Saudi Green Initiative” and “The Middle East Green Initiative, the two initiatives that are to be launched soon, aimed to chart a path for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region in protecting the planet, by clearly defining an ambitious road map that rallies the region and significantly contributes to achieving global targets in confronting climate change,” a press release issued in Monrovia says.

The announcement aims to join efforts with Middle Eastern countries and commence work with the aim of announcing in the fourth quarter of this year detailed plans for initiatives and the mechanisms to achieve them.

This effort will result in enhanced public health and will raise the quality of life for citizens and residents in the region.

The Saudi Green Initiative is an ambitious national initiative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aimed to improve the quality of life and protect future generations.

It includes several goals, namely: (increasing the level of vegetation cover, reducing carbon emissions, combating pollution and land degradation, and preserving marine life).

The initiative will entail a number of ambitious activities most notably of which are the planting of 10 Billion trees within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; reducing carbon emissions by more than 4% of global contributions; launching an ambitious renewable energy program that will increase the share of energy from renewables from 0.3% to 50% by 2030.

Additionally, the Middle East Green Initiative is an initiative for the region that aims to coordinate efforts and keep abreast with regional and international developments, which the Kingdom launches as a road map for the region.

It contributes significantly to achieving the global targets to confront climate change, through various initiatives, such as enhancing the efficiency of hydrocarbon technologies in the region; launching the largest reforestation plan in the world, which aims to plant 50 billion trees in the Middle East region, representing 5% of the global target for planting one trillion trees, and achieving a reduction of2.5% of global carbon rates.

These joint efforts will contribute to achieving a reduction in carbon emissions by more than 10% ten percent of the global contributions.

The Middle East Green Initiative will work in partnership with sister countries in the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States and Middle Eastern countries, and in cooperation with all international allies with the aim to work jointly on achieving the goals of the Middle East Green Initiative.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will hold an annual Summit titled “The Middle East Green Initiative” which will convene leaders of government, ministers and officials in the environmental field to discuss and outline the details of the initiatives and the mechanism for their implementation.

“We aim to start execution of the initiatives from the fourth quarter of this year, and across the upcoming two decades. Separately, The Kingdom will establish a non-profit organization to hold the Summit, support and monitor achieving the goals of the initiatives,” the release says further.

The Kingdom fully recognizes the challenges facing the region from the scarcity of water, financial and technical resources to geographic terrain. It therefore announces that it will work in partnership with the countries of the region to research innovative mechanisms to finance these initiatives for resource deprived countries, and will share technologies and expertise among countries to support reducing carbon emissions resulting from oil production in the region. –Press release

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