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Save the State donates to orphanages

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Amidst the wide spread of the Coronavirus here, a political Action Committee, Save the State (STS), comprising professionals from diverse persuasions in Liberia and the diaspora, has presented bags of rice, assorted materials and cash donations to three orphanages in Logan Town, Jamaica Road and Thumps Up in Caldwell.

According to a press release issued in Monrovia under the signature of Unity Party stalwart, Mr. Amos Tweh, Save the State is a sincere attempt by Liberian professionals to arrest and reverse the social decline of the country and reignite the spirit of self-reliance, collective work and responsibility and the principles of Liberty that established the country.

The group hopes that Liberia may be that lone star shining on the West Coast of Africa where all citizens are united for one aim, one goal and one destiny.

The organization is calling on Liberians to obey all established health regulations as part of global campaign to crush the corona virus pandemic.

The Political Action Committee points out social distancing, frequent hand washing, self-reporting and self-isolation when a person is said to encounter any asymptomatic or covid-19 positive patient as necessary steps to defeat the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, STS is calling on the President to lead by example in the fight against the novel coronavirus as is done in the case with his regional counterparts that are openly and transparently handling the fight against COVID-19.

Save the State has expressed disappointment over the apparent lack of openness and transparency including the President’s alleged frequent breach of health regulations.

STS points at the president’s recent public appearance at checkpoints across Monrovia where he was seen in close contacts with police officers distributing nose masks with no social distancing measures in place.

The organization notes that from the beginning of Liberia’s index case of covid-19, officials of government have continued to unabatedly flout established regulations, something very symptomatic of the persistent disregard for laws, system, processes and procedures by the political leadership of the government since its inauguration on January 22, 2018.

Recently, STS says the President was seen in a virtual conference of heads of State of ECOWAS with two members of his cabinet, one of whom has been declared COVID-19 positive.

According to the Political Action Committee, the refusal of the President to self-isolate and report for testing in line with the dictates of health protocols on COVID-19, only endangers the health and wellbeing of the already vulnerable population who are left to fend for themselves amidst drastic surge in economic hardship and political uncertainty.

In the release, the group calls on the Liberian government to take seriously the fight against COVID19 by inviting Liberian health professionals with solid technical and academic experience in fighting infectious diseases.—Press release

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