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SAWU scribe urges EPA

The Assistant Secretary of the Salala Agriculture Workers Union or SAWU Amos TambaKennie, is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA to adequately address issue of pollution in the country.

Speaking to The NewDawn in Weala recently, he said lot of pollutants are being released in the air by people and institutions in the country with no action being taken by the EPA, adding this ls very disappointing.

He made specific reference to pollution from the Chinese International Construction Company or CICO mainly in Margibi County. CICO is currently rehabilitating the Red Light-Gbarnga highway, but its activities have increased dust on a daily basis, affecting communities, individuals and institutions.

Mr. Kennie said he had raised concern about the pollution by CICO along with some citizens from the county and the EPA sent a representative on the scene, but nothing is being done by the agency to ensure that CICO does not continue polluting the communities.

He said at one instant, few tablets and half bags of rice were given to some residents of Weala, but the pollution continues, saying “Giving half bag of rice for pollution is not the solution”.

According to him, the real solution is to have control mechanism in place against the pollution. 

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi

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