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Scare tactics

River Cess County Senator Dallas Gweh says it’s “scare tactics,” suggestion by River Gee County Senator Comany Wesseh that to impeach Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh illegally has a danger of throwing Liberia into chaos.

“…So we are not here to bow down to scare tactics,” Sen. Gweh said Tuesday, 6 November on OK FM in response to Senator Wesseh’s argument that was aired earlier on Monday on the same platform that the illegal legislative process has potential to cause chaos here.

The Senate has amended Rule 63 of its standing rules that addresses impeachment in the face of bitter division among members of the Liberian Senate on the subject of impeaching Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh over allegations of corruption, proved misconduct and other charges.

Sen. Gweh argues that to equate the issue of amending the Senate’s rule to a danger of the country is “a scare tactics.”“So I think we cannot dignify that …, that got nothing to do with national issue. That’s our internal Senate standing rule,” Sen. Gweh emphasizes.

He says Rule 63 is what guides the Senate and it is the procedure they follow when they are practicing their legislative activities.He also argues that Article 43 of the Liberian Constitution gives power to the House of Representatives to prepare the bill of impeachment, saying how they do it can never be questioned by the Senate.

Sen. Gweh’s comment comes in the wake of River Gee County Sen. Comany Wesseh’s warning aired on Monday, 5 November the danger of illegally impeaching Associate Justice Ja’neh.Sen. Wesseh warned that it has the propensity to throw Liberia into chaos when those expressing disagreement react with “unconstitutional” actions.

“This war in Liberia, if you listened to all the different factions, they said that something was done unconstitutionally. When Mr. Doe made his coup de tate, he said, they said misuse of power, this that, corruption, and all of that and people were killed,” Sen. Wesseh recalled during a live talk show at OK FM in Monrovia Monday, 5 November.

According to him, when you do things that are wrong, there are other people who express their disagreement by fighting back on it “unconstitutionally.”He says the action of his colleagues on Capitol Hill is not just wrong, but it also has the potential to throw Liberia into chaos and more confusion.

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Sen. Wesseh says “as we speak,” there is no impeachment procedure set by the Legislature (House of Representatives and Senate combined); and everything that was done in the House of Representatives was not in conformity with the law.

Ruling party CDC lawmakers Rep. Moses Acarus Gray and Rep. Thomas Fallah have been leading the campaign to impeach Ja’neh over claims of corruption, proved misconduct and other charges.
The House has drafted, passed and forwarded to the Senate, an impeachment bill against Justice Ja’neh, in defiance to a Supreme Court stay order that followed Ja’neh’s petition for a writ of prohibition.

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