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School expels 6-year old student for ‘witchcraft’

A newly established primary school has accused and expelled a six year old student for reportedly being a ‘witchcraft’ or for engaging into witchcraft activities. The school, TYNECEPLOH Education Foundation is located in the Rehab community along the Roberts International highways few minutes’ walk from the President George MannehWeah’s residence.

The school handed expelled Little Catherine Karma after she reported for classes last week. She was handed the expulsion letter on grounds that she’s a witch and her presence at the school would be dangerous for other kids sharing class with her.

Little Catherine Karma is in kindergarten (K-1). She was among the first batch of students who started attending the TYNECEPLOH Education Foundation School when it was established during the last school year.
Though, the administration of the school has not shown any proof or direct involvement of little Catherine performing witchcraft activities, it was firmed and decisive on its decision to expel her from the school campus.

The administration argued that little Catherine has the power of the ‘dark world’ and the ability to initiate other students and that to protect other kids from being initiated expulsion was the only option.
“My friends lied on me to my teacher. So they says I should not go to school again,” Little Catherine explains in her innocent voice.

“Every day when I see my friends going to school, I can be crying, I want go back to school, I missed my friends and my teacher.

“My friends in my yard can’t play with me again, they are afraid of me, only my small brother and me can play” little Catherine explained.

Little Catherine commonly known as Nan is being bullied and referred to as witchcraft, some sources hinted that few parents in the neighborhood had stopped their children from associating with her.

Catherine’s grandma who sells boiled cassava and coconut to pay her school fees could not hold back her tears as she explains, how can a six year old child kill her teacher, principal and soak her classmates blood,? They caused my granddaughter serious problem to the extent that they expelled her.

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I took care of this child from baby because her father is not working I have never seen anything relating to witchcraft about my grandchild. They did this to us because we are poor and we don’t have anybody to talk for us,” she said.

Adding mournful voice to the interview, the mother of little Catherine said, “I was on my way to the school on Tuesday morning, I received a letter from my daughter’s teacher only known as Ruth that I should go on the campus they want see me. So after my school, I passed on my daughter’s campus to find out what happened shockingly to me I was told to take my daughter home.

When I got on the campus, I met my daughter’s class sponsor, the principal and the proprietor who told me that my daughter’s classmates told their teacher that Catherine said she will kill the teacher, the principal and suck the children blood for this reason she will not attend the school again, the next day my auntie and I went on the campus to appeal for Catherine to end the school year but they told me that the decision is final” Ms. Christiana Williams mother of the six years old kid explained.

In response, the proprietor of TYNECEPLOH Education Foundation, Napoleon Chattah confirmed that the child was expelled from the school for a reason but could not give details of the expulsion.
According to him, the principal who has gone out to run some errands for the school was the best person to provide answers to all the inquiries.

However, after at least three hours of waiting, the principal returned and in a short conversation said that the child was not expelled but rather send home to be returned base on a requirement which she refused to disclose.

But undisclosed source from the school hinted that the administration of TYNECEPLOH Education Foundation told little Catherine parents to take her to pastors for what they termed as deliverance prayers after which the parents will provide a note from the church or pastor confirming that the child is free from witchcraft practices before being accepted back in school.

The parents of six year old Catherine are however calling on Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, children rights advocate groups and the civil society groups to probe into the situation.

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