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SDPL to plant more palm

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The management of Sime Darby Plantation Liberia (SDPL) is now beginning to reap the outcome of its generosity as citizens of Zodua Clan, Garwula District in Grand Cape Mount County have officially extended an invitation to the company for expansion of its operations in their clan.

According to a circulation from the citizens in Monrovia, The Zodua’s citizens unanimously authorized the company to enter the clan in order to continue enjoying the cordial relationship. As part of their mission to seeing the fulfilment of their appeal, the citizens have made available 5,000 hectares of fertile land to the company.

In a joint resolution, the citizens said they have unanimously agreed to inform the management of Sime Darby that the clan is free from misunderstanding and united in good faith to welcome the management back to the clan for full operations.

The Zodua’s citizens in their resolution acknowledged the adherence of the company to their inheritance’s rights and other customary importance in their clan which they said is in line with international best practice.

The exuberance citizens noted that since the arrival of the Malaysian oil palm giant, their livelihoods have improved. They made specific reference to the improvement in their economic, social status as well as infrastructure.

“Since the coming of Sime Darby into Zodua clan, the livelihood of our people is improving through job creation especially for the young people who were unemployed and vulnerable,” the citizens said in a resolution.

It can be recalled in 2013, Sime Darby Plantation Liberia Inc (SDPL) received consent from the people of Zodua Clan to develop 5,000 hectares of land in Green-Fields of oil palm after more than three and half years of engagement and negotiations which included participatory mapping.

The Zodua’s citizens have meanwhile inserted into their resolution that any citizen who violates the rules and regulations of the agreement will be prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction.

“We the people of Zodua Clan including elders, traditional leaders, women group, youth and the Zodua land committee (ZLC) do hereby unanimously resolved to reject collaborating with any legal organization on this and all future work in our clan in the spirit of keeping our clan united and peaceful. However, it is important to note that Zodua Clan will welcome a genuine partner to carry on any transparent work in its clan that will not divide the people within the clan,” they noted.

At the same time, the leadership and citizens of Zodua Clan had agreed for three signatures on all correspondence to Sime Darby Management. The three signatures include the Secretary of the Zodua Clan Land committee, the chairman of Zodua clan land committee and the General town chief of Zodua Clan, Garwula District.

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