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Sea erosion still threatens Kru Town

Scores of beachside residents of the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island have alarmed over existing threat to their lives by sea erosion. A female resident of Lagoon Community in the borough said since the tide of the sea rose two weeks ago, the sea water has been beaming on their zinc structures, causing them not to sleep in peace at night.

Cecelia Koon, wife of a fisherman told this paper that the sea erosion is passing over the costal defense rocks placed along the coastline to prevent it from further claiming more land and destroying properties. According to her, the erosion is also undermining the coastal defense, saying, “We do not sleep at night because of the way the sea water beats on our houses. We are awake to observe the level of the sea water to avoid the water from destroying our homes.”

There are unconfirmed reports that the Government of Liberia (GOL) through its contractor firm would re-commence the coastal defense project to push back the sea to secure more dry land.

She observed that the rocks placed along the coastline are not enough to contain or prevent the waves from reaching homes of residents close to the sea. Sea erosion had left several hundred buildings destroyed in New Kru Town and other part of the country since the 70s to present, displacing thousands of residents most of whom were compelled to re-settle elsewhere.

The situated at the time witnessed the complete disappearance of the original motor road constructed by the late President William R. Tolbert that passes through Corner West community to the D. Twe High School in the Borough. The government was forced to re-construct an alternative route, which currently passes side the Redemption Hospital, an area that was then a very large swam.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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