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Sea erosion strikes West Point

Over 1000 residents have been left homeless following sea erosion in the slum community of West Point.  As a result of torrential rains on Sunday night, 24 August the sea overflow and entered several homes while residents were asleep, washing away some 250 shacks.

The Liberian government had quarantined West Point Township for the past six days following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the township. A victim of the sea erosion, James Nuah, told this paper that he has been rendered homeless with nowhere to sleep, appealing to the government and humanitarian groups for assistance, including food.

Another victim, Hawa Johnson, said her 8-bedroom house has been swept away by sea erosion and she and her children have nowhere to go.  Meanwhile, the commissioner of the township, Miatta Flower, has assured the affected residents that her office is working with the government to provide temporary shelters, food and clothes for the erosion victims.

At the same time, the World Food Program or (WFP) have donated 700 tons of food including rice, bean, oil to the people of West Point and other Ebola infected areas in the country. At least six (6) persons are receiving a 50kg bag of rice, and the WFP says the distribution will continue all residents are served.

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