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SEAT wants Liberians to be optimistic of 2017

Plingloh E. Munyeneh, Organizing Chair of SEAT

The organizing chairman of a local group, South Eastern Alliance for Transformation (SEAT)Plingloh E. Munyeneh is calling on Liberians to adopt a spirit of hope and optimism for 2017.

He said the New Year presents new challenges and opportunities for all Liberians irrespective of social, economic and cultural persuasions, saying “We must keep hope alive in the midst of domestic and global hurdles. Together, we are greater than any problem as a nation.”
In a press release, Munyenehwarned Liberians to stop building their hopes and aspirations on elections, asking “Will the 2017 elections answer all of our social and economic problems”? Why are we so engrossed in the2017 elections as if it is the final resolution to our current state of affairs?”
He noted that Liberians should begin to focus on cashing in on the enabling and conducive environment that has been provided by the current government rather than waiting in the winds.
According to him, Liberia will only move forward when Liberians focus more on the economic development rather than politics and elections. He said theOctober 2017 elections in themselves will provide manna from heaven.

“While it is our democratic rights to vote, we need to think about ways and forms of improving our lives rather than relying on elections as the ultimate answer to our woes. While you wait for elections to make what you consider as the absolute best choice for changing the course of your destiny, find sustainable ways and means of making a back yard garden, establish a micro business, give someone a helping hand in your community”, Munyenehchallenged his fellow compatriots.
SEAT is a developmental organization that focuses on improving the economic and social needs of south easterners and the larger Liberian society. It also seeks to address many of the challenges confronting ordinary citizens in the South Eastern region of the country. Press release

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