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Secret Death Squad Resurfaces in Liberia Again, Under President Weah? Part (B)

Continued from part (A):
It now appears that extra judiciary killings are on the rise in Liberia, where more questions are beginning to arise in the minds of ordinary Liberians: Are ex-rebel fighters who are currently protecting President Weah killing fellow Liberians who would a contrary view about President Weah? Is the LNP in direct cohorts with armed robbers killing ordinary Liberians at night? If the Weah’s government is not concerned about ordinary Liberian lives, then what is the point of Diasporas Liberian returning to Liberia when they are not protected under the Weah’s government? Is former President Sirleaf and current President Weah’s overseeing have an idea about a secret squad in Liberia that is bent on killing ordinary Liberian? Why is it that President Weah is not making an official proclamation about these numerous killings of innocent Liberians?

Aside from Liberian being stabbed to death, the ex-rebel fighters are now licensed indirectly to target innocent Diasporas Liberians who arrived at the Robert International Airport (RIA). A source revealed that the armed robbers would then follow their prey at their individual residences, and attacked them the following day, yet, the LNP will have no prior ideas of those armed robbers attacked on innocent Liberians. Another group of local killers also include the so-called juju medicine men from Lofa, Bong, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Rivercess, Bassa, Cape Mount and Nimba counties are dwelling freely in New-Kru Town, West Points, Clara-town, Sone-ween, 12-Street, Duala, the Red lights. They are in the business of selling poisoner items like “Alligator guts” and other dangerous poisons to Liberians who are interested to kill other innocent Liberians who come from the Diasporas (America).

Aside from the use of the “Alligator guts” the source also revealed that Liberian purchase these another magical powder and puts them in another person’s drink or food, in no time such poisoner powder would kill their victims instantly. Another group of killers according to source, include the juju-men who used special juju witchcraft power to take the lives of others through the use of a traditional mirror, where their victims’ image can be invoked, captured and they are killed immediately on sight and their victims will then die instantly in their dreams the very next day.

Another group of most dangerous killers according to the source are the Burkinabe’s, Ivorians, Senegalese, Nigerians, Malian and Togolese who have their various juju shops on Broad Street loaded with their foreign consignments of traditional juju-medicine on sale for the instant killing of anyone who has someone on the mind to be killed. These juju-medicine giants’ have their clients out there in search of people to kill and extract their body parts by the order of the juju-medicine men on a regular basis. The Weah government will need to wake up and scrutinize the system and weed these dangerous visitors out of Liberia before it is too late for innocent Liberians.

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