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Secrets To Becoming A Great Marketer

To succeed in any business, the customer must be the center-piece of a business activity. In whatever way it is defined, one glaring point remained – all businesses are intensifying efforts to satisfy the needs of their customers in a profitable way. And so marketing is an activity which is directed at satisfying the needs and wants of customers through exchange processes which occur in the market.

Friend, you must establish customers needs and thrive to satisfy their needs in the most expedient and profitable manner. Customers are not interested in services that make them boring. They want express service (needs). Understand that the most important task within the management of your business is that of understanding the needs and wants of your customers and potential customers and adopting your business to deliver the right goods and services more effectively and efficiently than your competitors. You will need to understand what the customer needs and at the same time, your business operational procedure must be designed in such a way that this can be easily met.

Give the market some excitement. There are so many ways that you can change the rules of engagement and make the market do what you want. There are so many cheap gift that you can give to your customers. When you begin your sales and marketing plan, it would be very beneficial to consider schemes and strategies that will make people talk about you or your product.

Therefore, the secrets to becoming a great Marketer has to do with strategies of attracting people to take a closer look at your business and in the process they do business with you. Friend, the things needed to promote your business are already within your disposal no matter what product you offer or how small your business is. All you need to do is to use your imagination. Your imagination, when used in marketing, would put you ahead of others especially in a market where completion is high.

Friend, part of the secret of great marketing is not about high tech marketing or about the most expensive advertising spots on the television or the radio. Be nice and make it a habit to be kind to people and you will win them over. To care about people you do not need a college degree. All you need to do is to change the rules of engagement and dare to care more about your customer’s interest than about your own. It is a fact that as long as you focus on the needs of the people that you serve, they will give you what you want. Get this clear.

Don’t give up easily under any circumstances, but go forward with a progressive way of thinking. Don’t let traditions and old ways of doing things become a hindrance. You must abandon them and let new ideas and creativity become your new wings.  When you do so, you will find your business bearing abundant fruit.

As a businessman, never stop thinking of new ways to improve and enhance your business. Be confident that your business will grow even larger. Although it may seem quite impossible for your business to serve all, be positive that there will be a way to do so if you step out of the box or get out of the traditional ways.

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And so after all has been said, what then are the secrets to becoming a great marketer, and getting a growing stream of new customers to buy your products and services?

1) Cutting through Noise & Inspiring Action. Great marketing isn’t optional anymore. There’s just too much noise in the world, and too many things to distract us. If you don’t know how to grab attention and move people to action, then no one is going to show up to buy your products and services.

To cut through the noise, you must know how to combine WORDS with DESIGN, in a way that captures attention. To inspire someone to take action – and to pay you for your product – you must touch them on both the emotional level and the logical level. Most marketing is “logic marketing” – trying to convince people with reason.

The masters of marketing connect with people on an emotional level first – then they back up their claims with logic.

Ask yourself: What are the strongest emotions that my prospective customers are feeling right now? How can I tap into the emotions that they are already feeling – and connect with them on a human level? How can I put the result that my product or service delivers into emotional, human terms that will motivate my customer to take action and buy from me?

2) The Psychology of Branding – Most people think that branding is about trying to get people to “remember you” or to “remember your name.” It’s not. Branding is about getting people to CONNECT your brand name with the result that they want. Just remembering your name isn’t enough. Big companies spend millions to get people to remember their brand name – only to learn later that they remember it, but don’t remember what the product was or what it does. You don’t want that to happen to you…

3) Using Technology to Multiply Your Efforts Early on in your business. Learn to make a phone call or send out an email to every customer who purchased from you – first thanking them for their patronage and secondly, asking them if they would like to buy another product. This secret will certainly serve as an encouragement tool thus making your customers to buy more from you.

There are many ways to building relationships with customers – and it’s critical that you use them if you want to grow your business.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning, wealth creation and team building and offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776-545-394)

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