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Securities rule out political attack against justice

Liberia’s National Elections Security Task Force says it has not seen any political motive surrounding an attack against Associate Justice Sie – A – Nyene Yuoh’s residence on Sunday night, 5 Novemeber, rather announcing an ongoing investigation against assigned security officers over the incident.

“We like to use this medium to hundred percent comfirm to the general public that so far so good, we have not seen any political motive surrounding that atttack. We condemn any form of violence…,” Task Force Chair and Police Inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman told journalists Tuesday, 7 November at the Police Headquarters in Monrovia.

The Task Force’s comment on Tuesday followed the Judiciary’s condemnation of the attack against Justice Yuoh’s residence, warning that it will not be coerced or intimidated to render a decision in a matter based on parties or public sentiments to avoid defeating the tenets of justice and eroding the foundation of democracy.

But the Elections Security Task Force Chief Col. Coleman says investigation being conducted has led the police to completely different issue, wherein the Liberia National Police is now investigating some officers that had been assigned at Justice Yuoh’s residence.

He says the officers may have provoked a situation that led to what unfolded there.

“The investigation is ongoing, the officers have been brought to Central,” he says, adding that the victim who was involved in the issue has been brought in as well.

He out rightly ruled out the political trend in association with such attack, assuring the public that the Taskforce remains committed to the rule of law, providing security for the associate justices and the chief justice and all peace – loving people of Liberia.

Col. Coleman has commended the securities for their response time in this event, saying within ten minutes of call surrounding the incident, there were six security vehicles on the scene.

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He also expresses thanks to all law – abiding Liberians and political parties, expressing hope that they will continue on that parth.

Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court said cognizant of the fact that its opinions on a particular matter may or may not appease a particular party, it will never and can never adjudicate a matter brought before it based on the sentiments, desires, whims or caprices of a contending party or the public.

Rather, it said it would do so based on the fundamental principles of the Liberian Constitution and the relevant statutes controlling. The high Court calls on all to guide and protect the rule of law and the fundamental rights of all living within the Republic of Liberia.

The Supreme Court notes that some unknown persons began throwing large stones into the compound of the Associate Justice Yuoh, intending to cause harm to persons living within the compound as well as cause damage to properties.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court re-emphasizes that its adjudication of elections matters, and all other matters brought before it, is strictly based on a fair, honest and impartial interpretation of the Constitution and statutes relevant to the matter being adjudicated as is humanly possible.

By Winston W. Parley

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