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Security fears at Omega Community

Residents of the Omega Community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia are said to be living in total fear in the wake of police authorities’ apparent failure to bring to justice, suspected criminals that attacked and reportedly looted a police depot within the community.

Criminals were reported to have held officers hostage at the Omega Community Police Station early this year and allegedly made away with some unspecified items, but it is yet to be brought to public knowledge what were those things stolen and who were the suspects.

A resident of the Omega Community Mr. Edward Nah told this paper on Thursday, 22 March that they all had been living in serious fear with their families since the police station in the community came under attack by some unknown criminals some time ago.

“We are all living in fear here since our police station was attacked by unknown criminal gang two months now. Some senior officers from the police headquarters came and promised to bring those criminals to book but since then we have not heard any news from the police authorities on the outcome of the investigation. [It’s] causing us to sleep with our eyes opened,” Mr. Nah says.

He recalls that on the day of the incident, the officers that were on duty at the station allegedly told residents that some unspecified materials belonging to police were taken away by unknown armed gang that had carried out the attack against the police station in the community.

“Imagine, who know if that was gun belonging to the police or police uniform that those criminals took away and using it at night to carry on more criminal activities? And yet, our police authorities are still mute on this critical issue and they expect us to sleep at night, seriously it’s also sad for our community and Country,” he adds.

Also speaking, Madam Teta Denise adds that since the attack on the community police station, it has become very dangerous at night for them (marketers) that leave Redlight Market to go to the Omega Community.

She says they have the fear of being attacked while in route to their various houses, adding “Why we will not be afraid when the police officers that are here to protect us can be placed under hostage by just four men?”

With the attack against the police, she wonders how much more about civilians who may have no idea about defending themselves.

“We are living here by the grace of God because the police people don’t care about us,” she alleges and claims that the police are only concerned about impounding vehicles and motorbikes.
When contacted, Liberia National Police (LNP) Spokesman Woods Nyonton told this paper on Thursday, 22 March that the administration was not in the know of the information, but also promised to make further inquiry.

Following the attack against the police depot, authorities confirmed the incident and announced that they were investigating the incident.

Police authorities said they were investigating the incident with the assistance of assigned Liberia National Police (LNP) officers at the depot to identify the attackers and know their motives. While still serving as police spokesman, Mr. Sam Collins had said no arrest had been made.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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