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Security gap in Rivercess

Police authorities here have confirmed a serious security gap in River Cess County, announcing the deployment of just 19 police officers for the entire county that “cannot contain the security situation” there.

“We found out that in River Cess there are 19 police officers … which cannot contain the security situation in River Cess,” Police Spokesman Moses Carter said Monday, 25 June in Monrovia.

Liberia has not conducted new census yet, but a 2008 Housing and Population Census data says River Cess County has a population of 71,509 with an area measuring 5,594 square kilometres (2,160 sq mi).

It is one of Liberia’s least developed and most isolated counties.In addition to the less police force deployed in the county, authorities also reveal the lack of a befitting office for the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency in the county at a time the country continues to battle against drugs related issues, mainly affecting some of the young people here.

But Mr. Carter says by virtue of the agenda of Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue to ensure security for all, he has committed to the people of River Cess that in the very soonest possible time, the county will have a strengthened police force.

According to Mr. Carter, his boss Col. Sudue led a delegation to the county last week on a community policing operation.During Col. Sudue’s visit to River Cess, Mr. Carter says the police chief had interaction with the joint security there to know some of the challenges in River Cess.

He says it was established that the DEA does not have a befitting office in River Cess, thus prompting Joint Security Committee Head Col. Sudue to make a commitment to ensuring that DEA offices will be erected at all of the four checkpoints in the county.

Quoting information gathered from River Cess County Superintendent Bismark Karbiah, Mr. Carter says since the 50s, the visit of Col. Sudue marked the first time that a police director or Inspector General visited River Cess County.

By Winston W. Parley

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