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Security in govt.’s hands

Security in govt.s hands ND“The Government of Liberia bears the primary and ultimate responsibility for security and protection for its population…,” United Nations Security Council has emphasized in its latest Resolution on Liberia.

The UN Security Council Resolution 2239 (2015) comes amid increasing reports of police brutality and the latest assault on an unarmed lady involving a deputy director of the Executive Protection Service or EPS here, a situation that has instilled fears among citizens.

The Council asked the Liberian Government to prioritize the effective and rapid development of the security agencies, especially the LNP, which it added is the priority law enforcement agency tasked with civilian policing responsibilities.

It said such support to the LNP should include the timely provision of sufficient financial resources and other support, adequate training and development of senior management. While it encourages the Liberian authority to prioritize national reconciliation and economic recovery, it also urged the government to combat corruption and to promote efficiency and good governance, in particular by continuing to strengthen transparency and accountability.

The UN Security Council Resolution said such measures should include managing effectively Liberia’s natural resources, while laying emphasis on the importance of pursuing a national reconciliation and social cohesion strategy through concrete measures to promote national healing, justice and reconciliation at all levels and involving all Liberian stakeholders.

The Council further urges the Government to intensify its efforts towards achieving progress on the transition of security responsibilities from UNMIL to the national authorities. It made particular emphasis with regard to prioritizing and resourcing the critical gaps to facilitate a successful transition, improving the capacity and capability of the LNP and BIN, as well as the justice sector, including courts and prisons.

It stresses the need for the government to promote human rights and reconciliation, effective oversight, professionalism, transparency and accountability across all security institutions and strengthening democratic institutions and extension of state authority and services throughout the country for the benefit of all Liberians.

Regarding its complete draw down, the Council said the Government of Liberia will assume fully its complete security responsibilities from UNMIL no later than 30 June 2016. written by Othello B. Garblah

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